3 Types of Positions to Use Staffing Outsourcing Services to Find

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We’ve published a couple of articles on the specific benefits that an staffing outsourcing services can deliver to a company, but maybe you have wondered, what types of job assignments are best to use staffing outsourcing services to find?

As a whole, staffing outsourcing services works best for small-to-mid-sized businesses that are not large enough to have–or be able to afford–a full time human resources specialist on staff. But larger companies may also benefit from using staffing outsourcing services to fulfill in-demand hiring needs or fill seasonal temp positions. Here are some positions you may find helpful to involve staffing outsourcing services in the search for them:

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Warehousing and Material Handling

Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous increase in demand for reliable candidates for warehouse and material handing positions. With the growth of online giants such as Amazon, the need for material handlers has exploded and this demand hits all parts of the process, from order fulfillment to processing and delivery of goods from vendors. Using a staffing outsourcing services is a great way to get temporary candidates for times of peak demand, and to evaluate employees before hiring them for full time positions.


Over the holiday season, most retailers have an increased demand for workers that may overwhelm their HR staff. Since many of these workers are seasonal temps, hiring a staffing outsourcing provider to handle drug testing, background checks and eligibility status may save your company a lot of money and just makes more sense so your full-time HR staff can focus on your full-time employees.

Clerical Workers

Finding good administrative assistants to cover for those on vacation or leave is a challenge. Getting individuals who have the necessary organizational skills and familiarity with the applications used by your business and the types of work assignments that are common for your workplace is an even bigger challenge. So why not outsource this task and let a professional staffing outsourcing service select the candidates that have the skills, knowledge and experience that best matches your needs. Keep your other HR resources focused on taking care of your full-time staff or let you focus on growing your business instead of dealing with staffing issues.

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